Born and raised in South Africa, the author completed her studies in Social Work at the University of Pretoria. Working in the Pediatric Unit of the Academic Hospital (then H.F Verwoerd), she developed skills in Family Therapy and Play Therapy and established, after the birth of her daughter, a private practice in Family Counseling.

In 2002 she terminated her practice to follow the leading of the Lord to separate time in studying the Word. It was in this step of obedience that the journey into reading and understanding the book of Revelation was initiated. Endeavoring to conquer a complete understanding of the essence of the book of Revelation, and to reach the point of establishing a sensible ‘wholeness’ in understanding the rich imagery and tumultuous events, the author found herself caught up in an ebb and flow of excitement and despair. After months of study and experiencing an increase in the burden of the Lord, she waited in prayer on direction in a more sound approach to conquer the depth of this profound prophetic window on ‘The Day of the Lord.’

Applying the following clear instructions, ‘to distinguish clearly between Final Judgment (Tribulation) and the outpouring of God’s wrath, studying the book as a unit, and integrating the First Covenant (Old Testament) prophecies into the book,’ a beautiful tapestry of God’s incentives for this latter period in the history of man unfolded.

With her husband, the author left South Africa to reside in Jerusalem for the next 13 years. It is here, in the rich culture of the Biblical setting of God’s covenant nation, Israel, that the study of the book of Revelation continued. The first and foremost work of refinement took place on a personal level for all four family members as ‘the fire of the Lord’ cleansed and established them in a deep and dependent ‘walk of faith.’ Deeper dimensions were added to the study as the author studied the Feasts of the Lord, adding the very deep root of a New Covenant faith in the principal writings of the First Covenant (Old Testament).

Having no aspirations of her own to write a book for the sake of acquiring the title of ‘author,’ the Lord laid His hand heavily on her to realize into writing what He taught her on the book of Revelation. With the support and prayers of family and faithful friends, the book took shape and was, with a deep sense of thankfulness, released on the day preceding the Passover celebration in 2016.

It remains the heartfelt prayer of the author that the book will encourage those who are willing to read it and draw them into a deeper study of the Word. Also, that these will be established on the truth and prepared for the Second Appearance of our Messiah. May they stand firm against the increasing onslaught of deception on all of humanity and be ready to lead others to salvation. What a privilege to be transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light through the marvelous gift of atonement! May we all overcome ‘by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony, and lay down our lives even unto the point of death.’